Aidan McDonagh

Software Engineer · Full-Stack DevOps Engineer · Ethical Hacker/Penetration Tester · Cyber Security Engineer
Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire · ·

I am a Software Engineering with a degree from the University of Portsmouth BSc Hons (High 2:1) who specializes in all around IT skills, Software Engineering, Cyber Security and Penetration Testing. I have developed a wide variety of software ranging from mobile apps with Swift/Java/React Native to Full-Stack apps with Node.js/Python/Angular/React.


Software Engineer (Security)

Job Summary:

At Sky I work in a team of 6, developing an web application which is used to wholesale ethernet across the UK for businesses.

I was hired due to my background in security this reflected my talent as within the first two weeks of working at Sky I found lots of severe vulnerabilities which could have resulted in the loss of £14m as evaluated by the risk management team. Stopping such a huge fine/risk was such a great achievement in my career which I'm proud of and reflects my skills in both software engineering and ethical hacking.
Whilst working of the software, I have also created mitigation plans and have spread awareness for security across the company, doing presentations on the importance and also increasing the security of our projects in different ways.
I work primarily with the Backend with Django/Django REST Framework as well as small amounts of frontend development with React.
Alongside of this work I perform data fixes, liaise with the business team to understand project owner and user wants as well as performing application and service deployments.

Duties Involve: Data Fixes, Application and Service Deployment, Security Lifecycle Development and Implementation across the company, Company Security Awareness, Risk Management and ...

Company Summary: Sky UK Limited is a British broadcaster and telecommunications company that provides television and broadband Internet services, fixed line and mobile telephone services to consumers and businesses in the United Kingdom. It is a subsidiary of Sky Group and from 2018 onwards - part of Comcast.

1 February 2022 - Present

1 Brick Lane
2 Quayside,
E1 6PU

Software Engineer (Security)

Job Summary: At Unipart Digital I work as part of a team of 8, in an agile-sprint methodology to rotate on different projects and tasks in fortnightly sprints. I am constantly building and improving my skill set and knowledge by working on bespoke and novel pieces of code for different apps. We have daily standups every morning as a team and talk about what we have done and what will do and any issues if they have arisen, this has helped build my communication skills and interoperability with co-workers. We also do pair-programming which has built my speed reading skills and debugging of others’ work as well as knowledge of my own workings.
I have built serveral systems with frontends using React, Material UI, Redux (Toolkit), Webpack, and Service Workers. For backend development I have become proficient with Django (DRF) and PostgreSQL for a database. I have also learnt CI (Continuous Integration) Development using Jenkins, Docker-Compose, Ansible for remote commanding (puppeteering) and OpenStack for computer networks.
I have developed device authentication systems, barcode scanners (+ qr scanners) for systems in production. Along side of this I have reduced output bundle sizes for multiple applications through updating legacy code, and indentified, tested and mitigated against race conditions as well as enhance security for current and future applications through the use of my pen testing skills.

Duties Involve: Research & Development, Engineering Applications for internal and external use, Executive Reporting, Travelling to sites and presenting work to digitise the warehouse logistics.

Company Summary: Unipart Group is a multinational logistics, supply chain, manufacturing and consultancy company which crosses a variety of sectors that include automotive, retail, technology and rail. Unipart Digital is a subsidiary company of the Unipart Group which specialises in the every growing technologies of the world. Unipart Digital has clients such as the NHS, Jaguar and Land Rover.

16th Novemeber 2020 - December 2021

Unipart Digital
2 Quayside,

Full-Stack DevSecOps Engineer

Job Summary: In my current role, I develop scripts using Python 2/3, Deno and Node.js. My duties also include creating full-stack web apps with dynamic single-page applications which have secure, reliable and fast Backends and UI/UX friendly Frontends. The technologies I use to fulfill my role include Node.js, Angular 10+, Nest.js (Express/Fastify) and React/Redux, among others. I also build static websites and apps, both internally for the company and externally for clients.

Duties Involve: The creation of any type of scripts, websites & software by whatever language I choose! And the starting up of a Penetration Testing Team for the company.

Company Summary: A Cyber-Security Network Company, which is royally appointed by the Queen and has held this appointment for five years prior and has had it renewed for another 5 years for meeting quality industry standards. They have also completed projects in Buckingham Palace! This company has successfully worked with many Universities and Companies both in the public and private sector.

09th January 2019 - 09th November 2020

KHIPU, Fleet27,
Rye Close,
GU51 2UH


Web Developer

Job Summary: This responsive portfolio website was created using my front-end skills (HTML5/CSS3/SCSS/JS/Bootstrap 5) and my development skills using Node.js (Gulp and Yarn). I also implemented lazy-loading/deferred image loading and media src-sets as well as automated image responsiveness and next-gen image format use.

Duties Involved: Freelance creation of a single page website to showcase the clients illustrative projects as a portfolio website.

Company Summary: This client specialises in the creation of artistic pieces.

July 2020 - August 2020

Hertfordshire / Portsmouth

Web Developer

Job Summary: This responsive portfolio website was created using my front-end skills (HTML5/CSS3/SCSS/JS/Bootstrap 5) and my dev skills using Node.js (Gulp and Yarn).

Duties Involved: Freelance creation of a single page website to showcase the company's portfolio of work.

Company Summary: This company specialises in property and land remediation, development and sale.

July 2018 - August 2018

Suite 11,
Berkeley House,
Barnet Road,
London Colney,
St. Albans,


University of Portsmouth

Bachelor of Science - Software Engineering
Software Engineering

High 2:1 / GPA: 3.25

Uni: September 2014 - June 2018
Graduation Date: 19 July 2018

University House,
Winston Churchill Ave,

Aldenham School

A-Levels - Maths (Edexcel), ICT (AQA) & Economics (OCR)

UCAS Points: 220

A-Levels: September 2012 - June 2014

Aldenham Rd,
GCSEs - 11 A*-C

Maths, Statistics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, ICT, German, DT (Resistant Materials), Geography, English & RS (Short Course),
GCSEs: September 2010 - June 2012


General Software, CI/CD & Tools
Operating Systems & Languages
Programming Languages, Frameworks & Tools
Web Programming Languages, Frameworks & Tools
Code Testing Tools
Database Languages & Tools


Skills & Interests - Computing

I am currently enrolled in different courses on Udacity, Udemy, Sololearn and a few IBM online courses (Quantum, Bitcoin and Security courses), which keep me engaged with my computing knowledge outside of work time. I also complete skill sets and learn new skills in security related specifics on TryHackMe. I also like to learn new programming languages on SoloLean ss I like to broaden my programming language knowledge and try to complete programming challenges on HackerRank and Euler's math problems in various languages.

During my studies at university I became fond of my unit 'System Security' where I was taught Ethical Hacking and Penetration Testing. I was taught to use Kali Linux and it's OS tools for ethical hacking whilst using the PTES standard (Penetration Testing Execution Standard). Along side of that I learn to use NISTs NVD and OWASP top 10 vulnerabilities to find current exploits and ways of mitigation against these exploits. I had prior Python knowledge and expanded it with my learning of python exploitation and also memory exploitation in C/C++. Since then I have put myself out to broaden my knowledge in penetration testing by competing in things such as the UK Cyber Security challenge, Vulnhub challenges, HackTheBox challenges and am currently completing my OSCP Pen-Testing Testing Certification and will then complete my CREST Accreditation shortly after. I have also achieved two CompTIA Certifications in penetration testing and security to widen my knowledge.
Cyber Security Engineering/Ethical Hacking Workflow:
Skills & Interests - Sports

I like to keep in good condition and try to keep both my body and mind healthy by working out regularly. I enjoy playing squash and was in the school squash team, I have also participated in playing golf which I have done since I was young and have achieved many qualifications for my skills and knowledge. I have also played American Football for Portsmouth University and my experience as a player has taught me effective teamwork, communication skills and enhanced my drive to succeed. For the past two years, I have focused on self-defence sports to keep me fit and able to protect myself and others. In doing so I have achieved an orange belt in kickboxing and am trying to achieve a red belt further from that. I have also taken up Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and have recently achieved a blue belt and am now striving for my purple belt.

Courses, Awards & Certifications